Brentwood Citizenship Awards

We are delighted to announce that two children were nominated for the Brentwood Citzenship Award held at Brentwood Cathedral. Well done to Giovanni and Tara for receiving the award from Bishop Alan. Giovanni and Tara have shown commitment to helping our local community by volunteering their own free time at a local Food Bank to help those less fortunate. They were involved in sorting food and clothes. The children have shared with their classmates and the wider school community what the Food Bank does and how it can be a lifeline to support local people in crisis. This is turn has led to more involvement with the local food bank and our entire school community for example this Christmas the staff at St Joseph’s donated food and sanitary products instead of giving gifts. The brother and sister pair, have shown the importance of being charitable and set a great example of being good Catholic citizens at school, church and home. At school, their class teachers have spoken about their ability to plan and lead acts of collective worship and lead school prayers. In church, Giovanni is a regular altar boy for St Ethelburga and Mary and Tara is a member of the church choir.